Skyhawk Chemicals, Inc.   (713) 957 2200
The Skyhawk Team Our team takes pride in providing superb service. We focus on face-to-face selling and around the clock customer support. We want you to know our team; they are loyal, dedicated and ready to provide you with excellent service.
The Executive Team
Jill Knickerbocker President

Steven Knickerbocker CFO

David Gaspard VP of Sales & Marketing

Kim Glover VP of Administration

Travis Ellis VP of Technology

The Sales Team

Alex Trevino Sales
Lacy Bates Sales

Ellen LeClaire
Jason Longer

Keith Williams

Mark Speets
Mike Savoy

Richard Williams
Sarah LeClaire

Vishal Kapadia Purchasing Manager

Customer Service
Jory Patton Customer Service Supervisor(713)

Anita Lozano Customer Service Account
Carmen Cooper Associate Customer Service Account

Haley Moreno Customer Service Account
Janice JnCharles Customer Service Account

Lee Ann Lockwood Customer Service Account
Nickole Chapman Associate Customer Service Account

Sheridan Pollard Associate Customer Service
Virginia Alvarez Customer Service Account


Andrea Liddell
Angela Prichard

Gina Erebia
Jennifer Buckalew

Kelly Haines
Laura Storm

Lina Morales
Marisela Gonsalez Accounting/File

Mina Henderson

Mark Berwanger Operations
Kellie Davis Inventory/Import

Clark Knickerbocker
Anne Knickerbocker