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Pro and Pro Control The Pro and Pro Control units are completely programmable multi-point lubrication systems that can supply up to 6 lubrication points from a single unit. The Pro is battery operated while the Pro Control has an external DC power-supply. These units require minimal space and can be remote mounted up to 20 feet (depending on the lubricant thickness). Filled to order lubricant cartridges are offered in two sizes-250cc and 500cc. Single and double enclosures are also an option to protect the system from weather and other contaminants that may be in the area. One of the features of the Pro that makes it one of the most reliable lubrication systems on the market is its capability to handle malfunctions such as a block in one of the lubrication lines. Given a situation where a blockage due to back pressure has occurred, the Pro will attempt to clear the block three times prior to displaying an error code which indicates the exact lubrication line that is blocked. The remaining lines will operate with no interruption and no loss of pressure. Discharge rates for the Pro Lubrication System can be set from 24 hours to 12 months.