Skyhawk Chemicals, Inc.   (713) 957 2200
Chemical Product Services Primarily serving customers in oilfield and the industrial sectors with a focus on the Gulf Coast, Skyhawk has been supplying chemicals since 1985. We take pride in providing superb service with face-to-face selling and around the clock customer support.

To better serve our customers, we are always expanding our capabilities which include, but are not limited to, the following:
Stock - Skyhawk is committed to increase the diversity of chemicals we stock to provide immediate availability
Warehouses - Skyhawk partners with selected public warehouses around the US to stock our products and provide quicker delivery to any destination

24/7/365 - Skyhawk always has a customer service representative on call to handle any urgent situation

Dedicated Customer Service Rep. - Skyhawk assigns one of our DOT certified CSRs to each customer account to gain a better understanding of what the customer requires and serve them more efficiently

Anytime Deliveries - Skyhawk can provide deliveries during the day, night, weekends, and on holidays

Hot Shot Deliveries - Skyhawk can often provide expedited and hot shot deliveries to customers

Imported Products - Skyhawk partners with overseas manufacturers to provide high quality, low cost commodities

Exporting Products - Skyhawk has the ability to export products to customers all over the world

Blending - Skyhawk can provide blended chemicals in both liquid and powder form